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Art Exhibitions 2021

Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art

Yuen is excited to join the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art.  She has several paintings showing at the gallery currently, including "Symbiosis."  Visit this link to learn about the making of this particular painting and how it inspired the paintings that followed.

Winchester Galleries Ltd.

"Dynamic Reflections" features two contemporary Canadian abstract artists:  Chin Yuen and Brubey Hu.  Join Yuen's Artist Talk as she walks you through the show, giving context to the body of work, including how she developed nine of the paintings in the show.

ArtXchange Gallery
"Tree of Life" features two abstract artists, Marcio Diaz and Chin Yuen, who express their unique experiences of the world through colourful abstractions.  Follow this link to watch some of Yuen's paintings at the exhibition.


Exhibitions 2020
ArtXchange Gallery
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Public Art 2020

The City of Victoria and Pattison Outdoor Advertising collaborated to bring art to Downtown Victoria bus shelters.  Yuen's painting, "Sentinels," was chosen.  A print of it is exhibited on Yates and Ormond (# 5 on the map below) from September to December.

Special Feature 2020

Yuen was the featured painter in the Artful Home "Celebrating Women in the Arts" campaign, which honours International Women's Day and Women's History Month by inviting artists to talk about their art careers and their advice for emerging female artists.

Special Art Workshop 2019

This is Me:  A Youth Art Project 

The Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria invited Yuen to facilitate and teach a workshop that enabled a group of young people to examine the subjects of identity, race, faith and belonging.  Through the use of different visual approaches, the participants created self-portraits that told the stories of who they are.

This project was funded by Multiculturalism BC.

Exhibition Highlight 2019

Yuen is shown with "My Garden Paradise" at the art opening of "Fantastic Journeys," ArtXchange Gallery, Seattle.  

 Takt Alumni Artist Residency Award, 2018


Yuen returned to Takt with an Alumni Grant to explore her “Impressions” of Berlin. Focusing on the intimacy of her studio/home and the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, Yuen uses the tactility and visual elements in her paintings to express her impressions. She creates physical imprints of personal domestic objects such as keys or bowls on canvases with built-up surfaces.  She then adds images of landmarks from the neighbourhood that interest her.  The textural Impressions interrupt the images, creating abstraction and broken depictions of her environment—analogous to the difficulty of capturing a precise impression of Berlin when it is ever changing.  The imperfect textural surfaces also reflect the grit and age of the neighbourhood.  Chin is grateful to Takt for the opportunity to have Berlin inspire and enrich her paintings once again.

Paintings from the "Impressions" series will be featured at the Artist in Residency Group Show, "Something Found," curated by Antje Blumenstein. Tapir Gallery, December 14, 2018, Berlin, Germany.

Solo Exhibition:  "Wanderlust and Souvenirs."  Fortune Gallery, 2018.

"Stillness and Flight"

It was just a matter of time that Yuen's migratory past and constant travels organically influence her creativity.  In her solo exhibition at Fortune Gallery, Yuen's paintings feature exciting photos and fabrics acquired from her travels.  These richly textured paintings are unique mementos and natural testaments of an artist with a penchant for wanderlust. Enjoy an interview with Yuen as she takes you on a tour of the exhibition.

Commissioned Corporate Art Installation, 2018 

Yuen just completed a commissioned installation for Rockland Scientific International Inc.  The piece consists of 14 paintings that span a 60' wall.  She has designed the piece so that the paintings could also be installed as a large painting either horizontally or vertically.  With 14 moving parts, the installation possibility is numerous. Yuen calls this piece "Wonders" to express the exciting results when art meets science.

 Art Workshop in South Africa, 2017

Yuen was honoured to be invited to teach an abstract workshop at Nicky Thomson's Art School in South Africa.  Here she is shown holding up Jennifer Pare's painting-in-progress.  

Artist in Residency, Berlin, Germany, 2017  

Yuen completed her 2017 artist residency at Takt Kunstprojektruam in Berlin, Germany. She is shown with her piece, "Berlin Souvenirs," at the Tapir Kunstruam Gallerie, Berlin. The artwork consists of 25 paintings, which Yuen created during her residency.

While in Berlin, Yuen photographed things she encountered in her daily routine and incorporated them into her paintings. They are created to highlight the distance between memory and experience: "I am consciously aware of the fact that all manners of record--photography, painting, and the visual imprint in my mind--are intrinsically removed from the original experience. The multi-layering of my works accentuates the illusiveness and subjectivity of memory, and offer me a souvenir of my own making."  

Yuen is shown with "Berlin Souvenirs" at the Summer Artists in Residence Group Exhibition, "Let Go," curated by David Kantounas, at the Tapir Kunstruam Gallerie, June 16 - 25, 2017.

2016 Best Painter of the Year Award

Yuen won the 2016 Painter of the Year Award at the Art Comes Alive, Cincinnati, USA. Here she is shown with Litsa Spanos of Art Design Consultants and her painting, "In Bloom," projected in the back.

Exhibition at the International Airport of Greater Victoria, 2014

Yuen is shown beside her paintings, "Susurrus" and "The Calm after the Storm," which were exhibited at the Victoria International airport through the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Rental and Sales Department, 2014.
Art Workshop, The New Extreme Program, 2012 - 2014 

Yuen designed and taught three fine art workshops for the Gallery of Greater Victoria "New Extreme Program," sponsored by TD Bank.  Schools involved included Glenlyn Norfolk High School, Mount Doug, and St. Michaels University.

Art Prints at the Del Coronado Resort, 2013

In 2013, Soho Myriad produced a limited edition prints of "Abstract Diary March #3" for the Del Coronado Resort beach cottages. The original painting is available in the Abstract Diary Collection.

Logo Design

Yuen was commissioned to design a logo for the Ocean Turbulence and Its Applications Conference held at the University of Science in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, 2013. 

Focus Magazine Cover

Yuen's painting, "Wavelength II," was featured on the cover of Focus Magazine, Victoria, Canada, October, 2010.

International Textbook Covers


Two original paintings, "Abstract Diary February #3" and "Abstract Diary June #4," were featured on international text book covers for Oxford University Press (2007) and Pearson Education (2010). 

Official Artworks for the Victoria International Jazz Festival


Yuen's original paintings were chosen as the official artworks for the 2004 and 2005 Victoria International Jazz Festival.

Boulevard Magazine Featured Artist

Yuen was the featured artist in Boulevard Magazine, Victoria, Canada, July/August, 2004.