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Fine Art Workshops

Yuen is a certified Fine Art teacher with over 24 years of teaching and course designing experiences.  She has taught in Italy, Japan, and Canada.  She has been invited to teach in painters' guilds, artist in residence programs, and public and private schools.  She also offers workshops in her studio (Victoria, BC).  Her students range from novices to professional artists and educators.  Yuen's workshops are innovative and fun with excellent one-on-one guidance.   In 2013, Yuen became a Golden Artists Colours Educator.  


Pat Tennant:  "I highly recommend a class with Chin for both beginner and more experienced artists. Chin has a very unique approach to art in her own work and her classes reflect her fun, colourful style. Her classroom set up is very modern and professional and the materials she provides you are artist quality, which is a real treat that also gives you good results in your work. A one day class is full of well thought out projects that everyone can complete successfully. The techniques she shared are ones that I continue using in my own art practice and I look forward to taking more of Chin's classes in the future. If you only have time for one art class this year, this is the one."  

Margo Cooper:  "For all those people who've said to me, I'd like to try . . . Take a class with Chin. I did! Chin is a very experienced teacher, who takes her time to explain things thoroughly while giving you the freedom to do your own exploration. Just being in her beautiful studio and soaking up the colours of her art is worth the price of admission, too!"

Bisia Belina:  "I took three of Chin's classes and LOVED them.  They opened a whole new world for me."  

Judith Walker:  "Firstly, I want to thank you for the class.  I totally enjoyed it--wore myself out--but felt totally inspired to keep experimenting and have some fun.  I especially appreciated your thoroughness and support. I loved the small focused class!"

Carolina Tudela:  "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop and your hospitality.  I learned so much.  I love your style as an artist and a teacher.  Muchas gracias Chin.  I can't wait for the collage workshop."

Jennifer Pare:  "Wow, thank you Chin.  You are amazing.  I did not want the workshop to end.  Your awesome style and creativity has changed my life forever.  I feel inspired and blessed to have met you.  A big thank you from my heart." 

Workshop at The Coast Collective:

Inspiration and Creation:  Acrylic Abstract Painting (March 10 & 11, 2018, 10 AM - 4 PM)

How do you start creating an abstract painting?  Yuen will guide you through different exercises to propel you into action.  Besides learning how to find inspiration, you will explore the many possibilities of creating with acrylics.  Yuen’s workshop demonstrations will show you a variety of techniques and acrylic products that can yield exciting results. Yuen will guide you to start and finish several paintings with attention to composition and intention.  The possibilities are endless!  Come and be inspired to create your own acrylic abstract paintings.  This workshop is suitable for all levels as Yuen will offer lots of one-on-one guidance.

To enroll, please contact The Coast Collective.

Workshops at the Metchosen International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA):

Abstract Landscape with Acrylics (June 30 - July 1, 2018, 9 AM - 4 PM)

This is a great place to start if you would like to explore abstraction. Award-winning painter, Chin Yuen, will show you how to borrow from your surrounding to find inspirations. She will guide you through several exercises that promote looking and painting with different perspectives and new techniques.

Throughout the workshop, Yuen will use visual presentations and live demonstrations to share a variety of painting techniques achieved with Golden Artists Acrylics. Yuen will provide you with some supplies to apply these techniques immediately to your work. Besides using Golden Heavy Body, Fluids, and a variety of pastes, you will also get to experience creating landscape monotypes by printing with Golden OPEN Acrylics. In addition, you will learn how to incorporate image transfers with your paintings to enhance depth and visual intrigue.

The possibilities are endless. Come with an open mind and enjoy painting abstract landscapes with acrylics. There is plenty of one-on-one guidance, so students of all levels are welcomed.  

For more information and enrolment, visit MISSA's website.

Workshops at Chin Yuen Art Studio (unavailable right now because Yuen is preparing for her solo exhibition): 

Abstract Landscape (September 24, 2017, 10 AM - 4.30 PM)
This is a great place to start if you would like to explore abstraction. Learn to look at landscapes with a different perspective--borrow from them to create exciting abstract paintings on different surfaces. Explore the variety of tools you can use for mark making, and learn how to create depth and visual intrigue with photo transfers. There is plenty of one-on-one guidance, so students of all levels are welcomed.

Fee:  $200 CAD includes all supplies

Exploring Collage (October 1, 2017, 10 AM - 4.30 PM)

You will learn to create fun abstract compositions by collaging cuttings of your own creation.  You will also apply the same composition principles to create a representational piece that tells a story about a topic you like: for example, music, friendship, nature, family history, self-portrait, etc.  The workshop helps you combine found objects, photography, painting, and drawings to create both abstract and representational compositions. There is plenty of one-on-one guidance, so students of all levels are welcomed.

Fee:  $200 CAD includes all supplies

Printmaking with Open Golden Acrylics (September 17, 2017, 10 AM - 4.30 PM)

Learn how to create monotypes (one-of-a-kind prints) with the versatile Golden Open Acrylics on the very popular Gelli Arts Plates.  Create your own stencils and printing plates that you can reuse; and compose effectively with a critical eye.  The possibilities are endless and you will find the process visually stimulating and fun. Choose to go figurative or abstract with one-on-one guidance from Yuen.  All levels are welcomed.

Fee:  $200 CAD includes all supplies

Intuitive Creations 

Where do you find inspiration? How do you start a painting? This course will offer you several exercises that will spring you into action.  React and paint intuitively and learn how to develop some of these intuitive responses into well thought out and effective compositions.  You will be using Golden Artist Colours acrylics and other compatible media.  This course can be repeated to further your exploration. There is plenty of one-on-one guidance, so students of all levels are welcomed.  

Fee:  $100 CAD includes all supplies 

More Fun with Acrylics (November 5, 2017, 10 AM - 4.30 PM)

If you paint with acrylics and would like to learn more, this class is for you.  You will explore different acrylic products and learn how to make image transfer and acrylic skins.  Learn how to create exciting compositions by combining painting, collage, and printmaking techniques.  This course is open to intermediate to advance painters and will allow you to explore both figurative and abstract compositions.

Fee:  $200 CAD includes all supplies

More info:

  • Enrolment:  please contact Chin Yuen.
  • Watch Yuen's interview at the St. Michaels University, Victoria, Canada.