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Abstract Diary January #2

Abstract Diary January #2


Original acrylic painting with fun details on a richly layered painting.  Multi-colour with iridescent paint and a dynamic composition.

36" x 12" x 0.75" stretched canvas with black painted sides.

Testimonial: "I see a relationship between Chin's work and [my quilt art] in the 'yin/yang' patterning, the passion for colours, the abstraction, and the unfolding relationship of patterns and colours.  Though our works are very different, I find myself  'connecting the dots.'  Her works allow me to find greater meaning and metaphor, and a larger unfolding connectedness with the world around me.  I feel a correlation to an inner felt experience of my life and a sense of wonder every time I 'connect more dots.' Whether I'm seeing more ' foreground' or more 'background' at any given moment, I find myself re-interpreting what I see each time I really look at these lush, richly textured pieces: an unfolding process that I love.  When I look at Chin's works, I experience an energetic solidity, a vibrant coloured stillness, and a rich repetitive expansion of movement.  Metaphorically, I experience passionate 'close-ups' of a larger 'something'--kind of like gorgeously loaded visual sound-bites.  All these experiences make it fun to put 'unrelated' pieces of Chin's works together, like creating a 'new' (differently nuanced) tune (pardon the pun)!  Its amazing to me how 'things' link up, connecting the dots in so many different ways."  Monica Rach, Canada.  Monica also bought "Three Wheels."

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